Shanghai Summer School TCM Program opens online


Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) opened the 10th Shanghai Summer School TCM Program on June 13.

The annual program is being held online this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and will last for four weeks.

The university has held the program since 2012 and the previous editions were well received by the foreign participants. This year, the program attracted 135 foreign students from 21 countries to learn about TCM and Chinese culture.

The university's president, Xu Jianguang, said in his video speech at the opening ceremony that this year's curriculum includes livestreaming Chinese martial arts classes and Peking Opera appreciation courses for the first time. He also invited international students to attend the university once the pandemic is over.

The TCM program is part of the Shanghai Summer School project launched and sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission in an effort to create an international education and exchange platform for foreign students to learn more about China.

This year's TCM program includes six sectors, namely Basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Prescriptions, Acupuncture, Clinical Medicine, Health Care and Traditional Chinese Culture.

Compared with the previous edition held online for the first time last year, the proportion of livestreaming courses in this year's program has increased significantly, reaching 86 percent.

The exercise course will be taught by Wang Enlong, a national martial arts champion and teacher from the university's sports department, through livestreaming courses and pre-recorded teaching videos.

Some TCM lectures will be taught in both Chinese and English. The livestreaming exercise courses and Chinese culture lectures will be taught in Chinese and translated into multiple languages.

Participants of the 2022 Shanghai Summer School TCM Program attend the online opening ceremony on June 13.


Shanghai University of TCM President Xu Jianguang gives a video speech during the opening ceremony.