SHUTCM hosts Open Day for foreigners in Shanghai


Foreigners learn how to make TCM sachets during SHUTCM's on-campus Open Day on Feb 15.

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SHUTCM) held a special on-campus Open Day on Feb 15 for foreigners in Shanghai to experience the charm of TCM.

Fifteen foreigners from 14 countries participated in the event. They attended a TCM lecture, learned how to make TCM sachets, experienced the Chinese Five-Animal Exercises, and visited the Shanghai Museum of TCM.

The foreign participants said the event gave them a deeper understanding of TCM culture and they expect to take part in more activities to learn more about TCM.

During the Open Day, foreigners experience the Chinese Five-Animal Exercises, a set of animal-imitating exercises which imitate the motions of tigers, deer, bears, monkeys and birds. It has been the method for Chinese people to stay healthy and prolong life since ancient times. 

Foreigners visit the Shanghai Museum of TCM at SHUTCM, which offers visitors unique insights into the millennia-old practice of TCM.