Second 'TCM Chinese Bridge' Program opens in Shanghai


The "TCM Chinese Bridge" Program participants pose for a group photo. 

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) held the second "TCM Chinese Bridge" Program on campus on Nov 18, offering foreigners a fast track for Chinese language and medicine learning.

Among the foreign participants, Harsha Niraj from India signed up for the program for the second time. Last year's event turned her from a "Chinese language fan" to a "TCM enthusiast".

Three Japanese freshmen studying Chinese language at the university also participated in the program. Their interest in TCM began in their Chinese classes and now the TCM industry is expected to become their career choice.

The program aims to guide foreigners to learn how to observe the ubiquitous Chinese medicine culture in daily life by seeing, hearing and experiencing it.

Jin Jing, a teacher from the university's language teaching center, explained the wisdom behind Chinese medicine to the foreign participants, which can be learned through customs like fleshing out in autumn.

Jin also taught them how to stay healthy in autumn through a regimen that revolves around "solar terms, customs, and herbal cuisine". 

The students also learned about smelling fragrances to prevent diseases and strengthen the body during a handmade sachet experience course.

Elementary, intermediate and advanced Chinese classes were also arranged for the foreigners according to their Chinese skills, and students demonstrated their strong interest in learning Chinese language and culture in the classes.

The two most precious cultural name cards of the Chinese people are Chinese language and Chinese medicine, both of which share the same cultural framework. The "TCM Chinese Bridge" Program uses Chinese language and culture as the medium to build bridges, providing a platform for foreigners to understand Chinese medicine and practice Chinese language.