SHUTCM launches new 'Exploring Shanghai' program for intl students


International students from SHUTCM visit Wufang village in Shanghai. 

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SHUTCM) recently launched the "Exploring Shanghai – One Place a Week" social practice and cultural experience program for its international students.

The launch ceremony for the program was held at the International Education College of SHUTCM on March 26. According to the college, it will carefully design the routes and lead international students to different locations in Shanghai to enjoy the city's scenery, experience Shanghai's local culture, and learn more about Chinese medicine. The program is expected to help foreign students deeply integrate into local life, cultivate cross-cultural adaptability, and further understand China.

After the ceremony, 30 international students, together with teachers from the college, went on a trip to Wufang village in Qingcun town in Fengxian district as their first stop of the program.

The village showcased the beauty of China's new countryside, the charm of traditional Chinese culture, and the integration of agricultural modernization and the scenery of Jiangnan (the regions around the lower reaches of the Yangtze River).

According to the village chief, Wufang has a history of more than 300 years and is the birthplace of Fengxian's "Xian Culture". In recent years, it has been striving to build itself into a demonstration village for rural vitalization in Shanghai.

Lim Puer Song, a student from Malaysia, said that when strolling through Wufang village, he felt the simplicity and beauty of the Chinese countryside and experienced rural life. Neverov Ilia from Russia said that this activity helped him get close to the ordinary life of ordinary Chinese people.

The teachers and students also visited Zhiqu Park, a popular science education base in Qingcun town, where they experienced making qingtuan (sweet green glutinous rice balls) and rape flower handicrafts.

It is a tradition for Jiangnan locals to eat qingtuan during the Qingming Festival. Japanese student Aki Ishikawa said that he felt the charm of Chinese cuisine when making qingtuan, and gained a deeper understanding of the Qingming Festival.

Thai student Supapit Meeprasert said that she learned more knowledge outside the classroom, felt the charm of nature up close, and enhanced communication and interaction with classmates while making crafts.

International students learn how to make qingtuan at Zhiqu Park. 

Students showcase their rape flower handicrafts in Qingcun town.