Traditional Chinese Medicine Workshop for High-End Professionals from Countries along the Routes of "Belt and Road Initiative"


Course Information

Course Title:2021 TCM Workshop for High-End Professionals from Countries along the Routes of the B&R

Course Code:IEC08EN03

Course Category:Short Course

Teaching Language:English

Teaching Method:Online Theme Lectures and Virtual Study Tours, etc.

Course Time:October 25, 2021 (Monday) to November 12, 2021 (Friday). 3 weeks in total

Total Hours:About 70 hours

Course Overview

The course offers great opportunities to learn Shanghai, understand TCM culture, know modern and tradition, TCM policies, feel the charm of TCM and its contemporary development. Participants will have opportunitiesto communicate with leading TCM clinical experts and talentsin China.

Who Can Apply for This Course

Ministry of Health officials, Heads of University Medical Department, Scholars and Heads of Hospital Department, Heads of Pharmaceutical Enterprise

Course Outline

Main Content:

Overview of TCM Development, Lectures by RenownProfessors and Doctors, Virtual Field Trips and Visits, Acupuncture and Tunia Techniques, Cultural Experience.

Teaching Language: English


Application Time: From October 1, 2020 to October 6, 2021

Admission Time: From October 8, 2021 to October 15, 2021

Course Time: From October 25, 2021 to November 12, 2021

Opening Ceremony: October 25, 2021

Closing Ceremony: November 12, 2021

Type of class

Online experience & online live class

Registration Procedure

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Application Materials

The following documents should be submitted when applying online: Passport, Photo, Resume, Academic Degree Certificate, Personal Statement, etc.