Online Course of TCM Basic Theories


Course Information

Course Name: Rolling course of TCM basic theories

Course Type: Short-term rolling course

Teaching Language: English

Teaching Mode: Online theoretical lectures

Course Duration: 25 days, start every 5 weeks (starting from July 27, 2020)

General Introduction

Course design accords to the need of students. It is a rolling class, starting every four people, two hours each day with an extra of 15 minutes of discussion. The whole course consists of three parts, and you can take all or any part.

Applicant Requirement

All the TCM lovers

Teaching Resources

A senior teaching faculty with abundant teaching and clinical experience of TCM.

Course Structure

Part A

TCM Fundamentals

Day 1

The General Introduction of TCM

Day 2

Yin-yang Theory

Day 3

Yin-yang Theory

Day 4

Five-element Theory

Day 5

Five-element Theory

Day 6

Theory of Qi, Blood and Body Fluids

Day 7

Zang-fu Theory

Day 8

Zang-fu Theory

Day 9

Zang-fu Theory

Day 10

Etiology & Pathogenesis

Day 11

Etiology & Pathogenesis

Day 12

Principles of Prevention & Treatment

Part B

TCM Diagnosis

Day 13

Diagnosis - observation

Day 14

Tongue Diagnosis

Day 15

Tongue Diagnosis

Day 16

Diagnosis - inquiry

Day 17

Diagnosis - inquiry/smelling

Day 18

Pulse Diagnosis

Part C

TCM Pattern Differentiation

Day 19

Eight Principles

Day 20

Pattern Differentiation of Qi and Blood

Day 21

Pattern Differentiation of Zang-fu Organs

Day 22

Pattern Differentiation of Zang-fu Organs

Day 23

Pattern Differentiation of Zang-fu Organs

Day 24

Pattern Differentiation of Zang-fu Organs - case study

Day 25

Pattern Differentiation of Zang-fu Organs- case study


The course will be assessed based on attendance and assignment completion, and a certificate will be issued to those who pass.


Application Fee: CNY 500 per person

Tuition Fee: CNY 9000 per person

*The course content overlaps the theoretical modules of TCM fundamentals and diagnosis of the International Introductory Acupuncture course. If you would like to attend the International Introductory Acupuncture course, the tuition fee of the acupuncture course will be deducted on the basis of repeated content.  

Application Procedures

Please log onto the website and fill in the form to register for the course.

In order to achieve better browsing effect, it is recommended to use browsers that have Internet Explorer 7.0 or more editions or Google chrome.

When signing up, in case of not receiving application email, please do not use Gmail, and avoid using Hotmail, Live or Outlook. If problems are found during application, please contact with

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