Karolina Saganiak · Polish


My name is Karolina Saganiak. I am a medical doctor from Poland and I have been studying Chinese for 4 years. I was awarded Confucius Institute Scholarship for one-semester study in spring 2019.

I applied to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, because I wanted to learn from the best. I have first heard about SHUTCM when I was studying abroad in United States, so when I saw that I can apply to this university through CIS, I did not hesitate. And of course I wanted to experience the exciting life in Shanghai!

My course -  „International Acupuncture Introductory Course” - had an excellent content and outstanding teachers. It gave me very strong foundations for learning more TCM in the future. The clinical classes were a great opportunity to expand the theoretical knowledge and to practice acupuncture, cupping and moxibustion under supervision of very skilled doctors. In addition, during my first month in Shanghai I attended Chinese classes at SHUTCM. Although it was only for a short time, it helped me to get accustomed to speaking in Chinese all the time. By the end of my stay in China I was able to communicate with patients at the hospital and I passed HSK 5 and HSKK Intermediate.

I feel that I have learned a lot, both in terms of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. I am very grateful to my teachers, doctors and the other university staff for making my stay in Shanghai memorable and fun. I would recommend this course to any healthcare professional (or student) willing to learn the TCM basics in a short time. I also think this was a very suitable choice for a CIS student like me, because it combined both TCM and language classes.