2022 Chinese Language Program Preparatory Program for Traditional Chinese Medicine (Full-time)


1. Program orientation:This program targets at foreign students intending to take up professional TCM courses or interested in the TCM culture by improving their Chinese language proficiency to prepare them for studying TCM. 

2. Main courses and course features:

Program A

Main Curriculum:

Fall term: Comprehensive Chinese/ Extensive reading of introductory Chinese for TCM Ⅰ/ Introduction to Tuina-TCM therapeutic massage / PE for health preservation Ⅰ

Spring term:Comprehensive Chinese/ Extensive reading of introductory Chinese for TCM Ⅱ/ Intensive reading of introductory Chinese for TCM / PE for health preservation Ⅱ

Program features:

CurriculumConsists of mainly Chinese language courses, supplemented by   introductory TCM courses.

Program objectives: To help students raise their Chinese language proficiency while studying fundamental TCM theory, terminology and culture, improving their abilities in reading and understanding basic TCM knowledge, thereby preparing them for undergraduate studies.

Features: Upon completion of all required courses and passing final examinations, students could enter into the undergraduate degree programs directly.  

Program B ( Spring term only)

Main Curriculum: TCM courses, Comprehensive Chinese

Program features:

Curriculum: Mainly consists of professional TCM courses, and supplementary Chinese language courses.

Program objectivesStudents can enter the undergraduate TCM program in advance.

Features: The credits of the TCM courses can be directly recognized as credits for the undergraduate TCM program.

3. Program certificate: Program certification will be awarded upon completion of all required courses and passing all examinations.

4. Type of class: Independent

5. Application time:

Suggested application time

Program A /Program B – Spring term 

Before 14 February 2022  

Program A – Fall term 

Before 1 September 2022  

6. Time of study:

Spring term: February 2022 to June 2022 (Refer to Admission Notice and Notice of Registration for exact dates)

Spring term: September 2022 to December 2022 (Refer to Admission Notice and Notice of Registration for exact dates)

7.Admission prerequisites:

18 - 60 years old

Good health condition with a valid foreign passport

High school qualifications and above

Program A - Fall semester: New HSK 3 ≥ 180 (For non-Chinese ethnics)

Program B: New HSK 4 ≥ 180 (For non-Chinese ethnics)

8. Fees:

Application fees: 450 RMB per person (The actual amount university receives)

Tuition fees: 11 000 RMB per semester (includes course materials)


1Refer to “2021 International Student’s Dormitory ” (Attachment 1) (Current dormitory pricing, for reference only). Dormitories allocated upon admission will be arranged based on all student applications. Dormitory fees may fluctuate based on 2022 pricing regulations.

2Students may live off-campus upon approval by the University. All charges will be paid by the student.

9. Application documents:

Copy of the student’s passport (Passport within 6 months validity from the date of submission)

High school graduation diploma or above and/or A-Level course transcript

HSK certificate (for non-Chinese ethnics)

Payment invoice of application fee

ID Photo:

File name and type: Chinese name, JPG file

Requirement: Bareheaded, 3.5*5.4cm, 626*413px resolution

Note: The photo will be used for your student ID card. Please ensure that the photo fulfills all above requirements. Usage of student ID may be compromised if requirements are not met.

10. Application details:

All applications documents have to be accurately completed and uploaded online according to requirements stated on the website.

Application website https://apply.shutcm.edu.cn. Application documents to be uploaded under “additional documents”.

Ensure accurate completion of information pertaining financial guarantor. The University may request submission of proof of financial status and/or proof of income of financial guarantor if required.

Admission will be decided based on appraisal of submitted documents. Upon receipt of all application documents and validation by the application committee, the “Admission Notice” and “Visa Application for Study in China” (JW202 or JW201 forms) will be sent to the applicant. Application fees will not be refunded as a result of the following circumstances: application documents does not fulfill requirements or admission not granted upon appraisal of registration or admission forfeit by student. 

All accepted applicants are to bring along original copies of their application documents and proof of health (health examination report) for validation; applicants suffering from chronic conditions should clarify with the University if they are fit to apply before online submission of application.

The University reserves the right to revoke offer of admission if admission documents are found to be inconsistent. According to government regulations, all international students are to be under insurance coverage. Students are required to purchase insurance covering 6 months upon registration. Students who do not complete insurance payment according to yearly government-advised prices (insurance fee for 2021 is 400 RMB for 6 months) may be denied registration or dismissed from the University. Payment of application fees through bank transfer requires indication of applicant’s passport name and application number under remittance information. Payment of application fees through online remittance requires a screenshot indicating payment success and the applicant’s passport name and application number. Payment of application fees cannot be completed using Alipay or WeChat Pay.

11. Contact us:

Venue: Room 230, 2nd Floor, International Education College Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Address: No. 1200 Cai Lun Road, Zhangjiang High Tech Park, Shanghai

Postal code: 201203

Telephone: (86 21) 51322255; Fax: (86 21) 51322276

Email: iec.admissions@shutcm.edu.cn

Bank Account Information:

Account Name: Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Bank Name: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Dong'an Road Branch

Bank Address: № 520, Wan Ping Nan Road, Shanghai, China   200032

Account №: 1001239109004636961


CNAPS CODE: 102290023910

Due to the exchange rate and the charge of bank processing, the actual amount of the fee university receives might differ from the smount sent.


1.International Student’s Dormitory

2.The Regulations of Scholarship for Chinese Language Students

3. International Student “Belt and Road” Scholarship

Scholarships and funds

Students may apply for the SHUTCM Scholarship for Chinese Language Students (Attachment 2).

Students who have completed at least one semester of the Preparatory Program for TCM and continue with programs are eligible for applying for the International Student “Belt and Road” Scholarship (Attachment 3).