International Acupuncture Introductory Course



Course Name: International Acupuncture Introductory Course

Course Code: IEC02EN31

Course Type: Short Term Course

Teaching Language: English

Teaching Method: Classroom lectures and Clinical Observation (Practice)

Course Duration: 3 months

Total Study-hour: 420


Objective: To understand essential theories and fundamental techniques of acupuncture and moxibustion; be familiar with locations and indications of 120 common points; and be able to treat 22 common conditions with acupuncture and moxibustion.


Applicants: Those who love acupuncture and between the ages of 18-50 on first day of the course. Healthy.


Main courses:Essential theory of Chinese medicine, Diagnostics in Chinese medicine, Meridians and points, Needling technique, Acupuncture therapy, Clinical internship

Course contents: Theory of yin, yang, five elements, qi, blood, body fluids, zang-fu organs, and etiology & pathogenesis, Tongue diagnosis, Pulse diagnosis, Syndrome differentiation according to the eight principles, qi, blood and zang-fu organs, Running courses of meridians, Locations and indications of points, Needling technique, Treatment principle, pattern identification and formula (of points) for common conditions

Teaching Language: English

Program Content: Click to view (In English only)


September to November, 2023, Monday to Friday (except National Holiday and Weekends)

Theory Lesson Time: 9:00 – 12:00 and 13:00 – 15:20

Clinical Time: 8:30-11:10 and 13:30-15:30


Theory Lesson Location: 530, Lingling Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai. Lingling Road Campus, Shanghai University of T.C.M. (Near by Dongan Road station of Metro Line 4 and 7, beside Longhua Hospital)

Clinical Location: Click to view


Application Fee: CNY 500 per person

Tuition Fee: CNY 21,500 per person (bank wire transfer in advance and send the bank remittance to


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Certificate: Upon completion of all required courses and passing of all required examinations.