Introduction to the testing site of SHUTCM


Welcome to take Chinese Proficiency TestHSK(iBT)

  The testing site for HSK (iBT, Internet-Based Test) in Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine was authorized by Hanban (Confucius Institute Headquarters) on October 10th , 2011. International Education College of SHUTCM is the first testing site for HSK(iBT) among colleges and universities in Shanghai.

  The iBT testing site is located in the International Cooperation Center of Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Center is located inside the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, close to metro line 2 and within the 10 kilometer radius of international Biyun and Lianyang communities. The HSK(iBT) includes HSK1, HSK2, HSK3, HSK4, HSK5 and HSK6.

  All applicants could be free to have a HSK(iBT) mock test. It provides applicants a chance to learn about the complete testing process and achieve self-assessment of their language competency. Group Registration is also accepted.