Learning Introduction



l Undergraduate Program for Chinese Medicine (5 Years)
1、Training direction and
This program will enable students to maintain upstanding value orientation of Chinese medicine, understand its essential theory, grasp its expertise and practical skills and improve their self-learning ability.
2、Main Courses
In addition to extracurricular public infrastructure, mainly opened basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine, pharmacy, prescriptions, human anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology and other basic course; internal medicine, surgery medicine, Western medicine diagnostics, Internal Medicine, Medicine surgery, medicine gynecology, pediatrics medicine, Chinese medicine classics courses (Nei Jing, typhoid, Golden Chamber, febrile disease) and other specialized courses
Completing the professional guidance of the teaching program required courses, and in accordance with the degree of Bachelor of Medicine “People’s Republic of China Degree Work”
4、Future career development
After graduation, students may conduct medical practice in Chinese internal medicine, external medicine, gynecology, pediatrics and traumatology. They may also work in the fields of prevention, healthcare and rehabilitation. Alternatively, they may conduct Chinese medical education and research and management in medical institutions.