Shanghai intl students discover beauty of TCM


International students show off their self-made TCM sachets. 

A social and cultural experience activity for international students titled "2022 Experiencing China: Discovering the Beauty of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)" kicked off on Nov 26 in Shanghai.

Hosted by the China Scholarship Council and organized by the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SHUTCM), the activity is intended to help international students learn more about TCM and Chinese culture.

Forty-two international students from SHUTCM participated in the activity. The TCM fans from 11 countries visited Caitongdetang, a time-honored TCM pharmacy, and Joyful Community, a healthcare community, which are two practice bases for the international education of TCM culture.

At Caitongdetang, students learned about the origins of the pharmacy, the developmental achievements of TCM, Chinese herbal medicine, and how to make sachets.

Caitongdetang has a partnership with SHUTCM to promote TCM internationally and has provided scholarships to international students at SHUTCM since 2013. During the activity, a Malaysian student who received the Caitongdetang Scholarship said he is committed to becoming an international TCM influencer.

Joyful Community showed students the vitality and prospects of TCM culture in modern society and how traditional wisdom integrates into modern society. It cooperates with SHUTCM to provide practical opportunities for international students. A foreign student who received the Joyful Community Scholarship said he is committed to sharing innovative TCM technology overseas.

Students learn about valuable Chinese herbal medicine at Caitongdetang. 

A US student performs martial arts at Joyful Community.