TCM University celebrates graduation on the Bund


Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine holds a 2020 graduation ceremony on the Bund in Shanghai on June 29. 

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SHUTCM) held a graduation ceremony in front of Shanghai's largest outdoor LED screen on the Bund on June 29.

The name and badge of the university, followed by eight slogans selected by students, appeared on the LED screen for the first time ever. Performances featuring martial arts, five mimic-animals exercises, tai chi, and folk music were held as well.

Along with the graduates, university leaders, alumni, and frontline health workers against COVID-19 attended the ceremony.

The celebration was a pleasant surprise for this year's graduating class, who had been away from school for months, said Zhang Yanyun, a graduate, who added that she hoped to become a clinical doctor using what she learned at university.

Zhen Wei, a university alumnus who now works as head nurse at the respiratory department of Longhua Hospital affiliated with SHUTCM, shared her experience in Hubei province during the COVID-19 epidemic and encouraged graduates to weather hardship.

SHUTCM students put on a musical performance for the frontline medical workers in honor of their dedication.

"Frontline workers during the epidemic really touched me so I decided to devote myself to the western development project and contribute to the development of our nation," said Feng Lu, a volunteer.

The LED screen displays SHUTCM's Chinese name on June 29. 

Graduates take photos holding LED slogans. 

Traditional Chinese performances are held. 

SHUTCM students put on a musical performance for medical workers.