May 10, 2016

   Distinguished parents and dear students,


  Thank you for choosing Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine! We cherish the trust you give us very much.


  From September 2, 2016, we are going to give the orientation to all the new students with the introduction of the university and college, the curricula of program, the awareness of social security and how to get support to their study and living in our university. And we will organize some activities between the new students and fellow students to help the new students adapt the surroundings. All the new international students will learn the university regulations before they begin to learn their program on September 12. We will try our best to help the freshmen achieve a good start.


  Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the leading TCM universities in China. In recent years, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine has made a great achievement in her academic development such as its science of Chinese Materia Medica ranking 1st in China, Traditional Chinese Medicine ranking the 2nd in China, Integrated Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine the 3rd in China by the MOE assessment. We believe that, the students will achieve the excellency in TCM study and their living in SHUTCM through the efforts by the university, the students and families.


  If there is any question, please feel free to contact 0086-21-51322272(tel) and (E-mail).


  We are looking forward to meeting you in SHUTCM!



  Yours sincerely,

  International Education College,

  Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,