A Small-Scale 2013 Graduates Forum Held in International Education College



A graduates forum was held for the graduating students of 2013 of International Education College on June 21st, 2013. Part of the graduates delegates were invited to the forum.

President and vice president of the International College, faculties from the overseas students’ office and teaching office had sincere communicative interactions with the graduating students. Students expressed their feeling and spoke about their study life and campus life. And the faculties listened to the overseas students’ suggestion and opinions about education and daily-life service.

Students hoped that the International Education College can reinforce the clinical guidance and fostering of clinical practice ability. They also hope that the college can provide more information about employment and career development. Students also expressed the expectation of better accommodation service. Upon their graduation, students expressed their gratitude towards our college. And the presidents and faculties congratulated on their graduation, and wished them a bright future and a successful career.