associations étudiantes

Brief Introduction to International Students’ Club


TKD Club跆拳道社
Teaching TKD
Having regular training on weekends

Leadership Group 领导力社团
Helping developing leadership, communication skills and abilities to study

Acupuncture and Tuina Association 针灸推拿协会
Teaching basic theory of Acupuncture and Tuina,sometimes providing an experience of Tuina for free
Members being volunteers in many projects about Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Qigong Club 气功养生文化社
Teaching Qigong like Taiji ,teaching healthy way to keep energetic

Yongchun Club 咏春社
Teaching Chinese Kongfu—-Yongchun

Sign Language Club 手语社
Teaching sign language

F2 Club F2健身社
For anyone who wants to have a strong body

Traditional Chinese Instrumental music Class 民乐协会器乐班

Animation Club 动漫社
For anyone who likes animation

TCM Movie Club TCM影视协会
Providing free accounts of Tudou and Youku…
Sharing movies

Floriculture Club 兰若花艺社
Teaching how to plant flowers and decorate them

Gaming Club 电子竞技社
For anyone who likes playing e-sports

Handicraft club 手工艺社
Mainly make handicrafts.

Charity club志愿者协会
Mainly contains some volunteer work, including volunteering at hospital, old people’s home and city libraries.

1. Soccer club 足球社
2. Badminton club 流星雨羽毛球社
3. Ping-pang club 乒乓球社
4. Taekwondo club 跆拳道社
5. F2 health club: yoga, aerobic gymnastics, Latin dance F2健身协会
6. Dance club 舞蹈社
7. Tennis club (elementary) 网球社