Cours intensifs

Health Cultivation Course


Objective: To be familiar with basic health preservation methods and be able to improve one’s health with herbal diet, health tuina and digital pressure.

Main courses:

lEssential theory of Chinese medicine

lChinese dietary therapy

lTheory and preparation of herbal diet

lHealth tuina and digital pressure to meridian points

Course contents:

lEssential theory of traditional Chinese medicine and disease prevention and treatment in Chinese medicine

lDietary therapy and functions of food

lApplication and preparation of herbal diet

lBasic tuina manipulation

lLocation and functions of meridian points

Language: Taught in Chinese and translated into English, French, Japanese and Korean.

Time: Depending on requests of students.

Period: 2 weeks

Certificate: Upon completion of all required courses.

Applicants: Those who love traditional healthcare (5 or more students).


lRegistration fee: 500 RMB

lTuition: 5,000 RMB


lApplication Form for Short-Term Study, International Education College, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

lPhotocopy of passport