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About the Teaching Staff in Chinese Language Teaching Center



Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the first full-time institutions that provide Chinese language training and education for foreign students in Shanghai. The Chinese Language Teaching Center was established in July 2003 as a specific TCFL (Teaching of Chinese as a foreign language) section. Students can learn Chinese language and TCM preparatory program and take part in HSK examination in the Center.

Through years of teaching practice, a basic Chinese language teaching system of ‘multiple levels starting from scratch’ has been established. This include series of courses of ‘Chinese language + TCM culture’, business Chinese, practical Chinese and short-term training course in summer. So far, the Center has trained approximately 2,000 long- and short-term foreign students from more than 30 countries or regions.

The Center has an asset of a high-quality teaching staff (20 teachers). Most teachers have master or doctorate degrees. The teaching staff are popular (>95% of satisfaction degree) among students because of their rich experience and flexible teaching styles.

Join us to learn Chinese and understand Chinese culture!

About the teaching staff

Sun Wen-zhong

Teaching idea: Students need to combine learning with reflection; teachers need to teach according to aptitude of students; learning ability contributes to an overall progress.

Teaching subjects: Reading of advanced Chinese, TCM Chinese

Zhou Ping

Teaching idea: Real happiness and satisfaction of a teacher lies in the feeling of being needed coupled with an ability to give care and bring joy to his/her students.

Teaching subjects: Primary intensive reading, intermediate intensive reading, intermediate listening and speaking, comprehensive English

Luo Lin-na

Teaching idea: I’m here to help you to study Chinese, get a good command of Chinese and love Chinese!

Teaching subjects: primary intensive reading, primary spoken Chinese, intermediate listening, intermediate reading, comprehensive Chinese

Zhang Ting-li

Teaching idea: Teach how to study and study how to teach.

Teaching subjects: Primary intensive reading, intermediate intensive reading, comprehensive Chinese

Zhang Xiao-xin

Teaching idea: Happy Chinese, Happy Study!

Teaching subjects: Primary intensive reading, primary spoken Chinese, primary listening

Ni Hong-xia

Teaching idea: Joint efforts of students and teachers make Chinese language learning fruitful.

Teaching subjects: Intermediate Intensive Reading, Intermediate Spoken Chinese, Intensive Reading of Advanced Chinese and Advanced Chinese Listening and speaking

Qu Ru-yi

Teaching idea: Everything becomes easier with combined knowledge of literature and medicine.

Teaching subjects: Intermediate Chinese reading, intermediate intensive reading