Stages et insertion professionnelle

Clinical Practice& Occupation


The University has 15 sites for high-quality clinical education and practice, includingaffiliated hospitals, research institutes, indirectly affiliated municipal hospitals and specialty hospitals.

Affiliated hospitals:

1.Longhua Hospital

2.Shuguang Hospital

3.Yueyang Hospital of Integrated Chinese & Western Medicine

4.Shanghai Municipal TCM Hospital

5.The Putuo District Central Hospital

6.Shanghai TCM-Integrated Hospital

7.Shanghai Seventh People’s Hospital

Research institutes:

l Shanghai Acupuncture & Meridian Research Institute

l Shanghai Qigong Research Institute

Other municipal hospitals:

l Ruijin Hospital

l Shanghai First People’s Hospital

l Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital

Specialty hospitals:

l Xiangshan Hospital

l Tianshan TCM Hospital

l Huangpu District Hospital of Integrated Chinese & Western Medicine

l The Jingan District Central Hospital

The Putuo District Central Hospital and Putuo TCM hospital