Undergraduate Program for Food Hygiene and Nutrition Major (4 Years)


No. ENC2017P905421

Undergraduate Program for Food Hygiene and Nutrition Major (4 Years)

1. Orientation

  This program intends to meet the social need for professional personnel in the field of Chinese medicine-related nutrition. It will enable students to grasp the fundamental skills and knowledge on basis of medicine, clinical medicine and nutrition & food hygiene.

2. Main Courses

    Basis of nutriology

    Population-based nutrition

    Community-based nutrition

    Clinical nutrition

    Food hygiene

    Food inspection and analysis

    Food toxicology

    Normal somatology

    Basis of diseases

    Basis of clinical medicine

    Basis of Chinese medicine

    Chinese herbal formulae

    Chinese medicated diet

    Principles and practice of marketing

  (See the attachment for Program Teaching Plan)

3. Teaching Methods

  These include on-the-spot teaching, case studies, investigation, food processing and cooking practice and internship in food hygiene supervision agencies. The community-based investigation and dissemination on nutrition knowledge will enhance the students’ awareness to obtain health-related information and knowledge on diet and nutrition. The graduation field work will enable students to apply their knowledge on nutrition to nutritional therapy, public education, and nutritional diet design, combination and processing for relevant diseases.

4. Graduation and Academic Degree

  A Bachelor of Medical Science will be awarded upon completion of

    Required credits of all courses in the teaching scheme

    General points average (GPA)

    Pass of all examinations

    New HSK-5≥180 (excluding those of Chinese origin)  

5. Future Career Development

  After graduation, students may conduct evaluation, management and instruction for dietary nutrition in healthcare institutions, food hygiene supervision agency, food processing and distribution factories, and schools. Alternatively, they may engage in education and research on enriched food, along with food hygiene supervision and inspection as well as nutrition counseling.

6. Type of Class

  Independent for a minimum of 10 students

  Study with Chinese students of less than 10 students

7. Application Period

  December 1st, 2016—June 15th, 2017

8. Beginning of School

  September, 2017 (Please see the date on Admission Notice)

9. Admission Prerequisites

  High school diploma

  New HSK 5≥180

10. Fee

    Application fee: 450 RMB

    Registration fee: 1250RMB

    Tuition fee: 28000RMB per year

    Purchase fee for textbooks

    (Students can purchase textbooks according to their needs)

    Accommodation Fee

    (1) Standard Single Room: RMB 1200-1600 per month

    (2) Double Room: RMB 700-800 per month

    (3) Non-standard Double Room: RMB 200-300 /person/month

  In addition, the school allows students to rent rooms in the communities outside campus under the premise of ensuring safety.

11. Application Documents

    High school diploma, A-Level transcripts

    HSK certificate

    Copy of the passport

    Invoice of the application fee

    ID Photo:

    Rename: Passport Name (English)

    Background Color:Blue or White

    Pixel: ≥300 pixels/inch

    Other Requirement: Bareheaded

    Notice: The photo will be used for your student ID card. Please make sure the photo is exactly as above requirements.

    Online applications are required. Above application documents must be uploaded onto the website

12. Scholarships

    Chinese government scholarship

    For details, see

    Please contact us for pre-admission letters if you intend to apply for us.

    Shanghai municipal government scholarship

    For details, see

    Applicants must also complete the online application on Study-in-Shanghai.

    Application fee only needs to be paid once.

    “Grant for Living Cost” Student Assistance Fund (See attachment)

    “Aspiration Grant” Student Assistance Fund (See attachment)

13. Contacts

    Venue for application: Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine International Education College, 2nd Floor, Admission Office

    Address: Number 1200 Cai Lun Road, Pudong Area, Shanghai.

    Telephone: (86 21) 51322255; Fax: (86 21) 51322285


    University Bank Account:

    Account Name: Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Bank Name: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Dong’an Road Branch

    Bank Address:   No.520, Wan Pin Nan Rd., Shanghai, China   200032

    Account No. :  1001239109004636961


Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

December, 2016.


1、Instructive Teaching Plan for Undergraduate Program for Food Hygiene and Nutrition Major (4 Years) (2014 Version)

2.Rules of Implementation of “Grant for Living Cost” Student Assistance Fund

3.Rules of Implementation of “Aspiration Grant” Student Assistance Fund