PuDong Campus:Featured courses – the preparatory course of Traditional Chinese Medical Program (full-time)


Featured courses – the preparatory course of Traditional Chinese Medical Program (full-time)

1.The program target: Those foreign national who expect to learn the course of Chinese medical science and improve their Chinese level, and make preparation for the study of Chinese medical science or those interested in the culture of Chinese medical science and medicine.

2.Main courses and the features of the course

  Main courses

  Course Features:

  Small class for the teaching, about 15 students for each class. Each student can receive more attention from the teacher and the practice can be more sufficient.

  The courses include the module of Chinese language course and the module of the foundation course for the Chinese medical science to help the students blend into the knowledge of the basic TCM culture on the base of enhancing the Chinese level, and enhance the reading capability on the basic knowledge of the Chinese medical science at the same time to let the students gain the most basic vocabulary, knowledge and culture information in the professions of the Chinese medical science;

  Complete the class hour in the regulations, after the qualification for the examination, directly enter the undergraduate study of traditional Chinese medicine. The credits of part of the courses can be identified as the undergraduate credits.

  The cultural experience courses and the linguistic practical activity:

  Organize the courses in the series of Chinese culture experience for each term: Chinese paper cut, Chinese knot craft means, Chinese calligraphy introduction and the activity for the experience of Chinese traditional festival (such as the dumpling making on the dragon boat festival, the moon cake making on the mid-autumn festival) etc.

  Organize the overseas students to visit the cultural relics within Shanghai or the historical and culture cities at the surroundings of Shanghai for each term.

  Organize the various recreational and sports activities for each term: The sports match like the table tennis match, the fun sports game etc., the Chinese Language Speech Contest, show for the competition of talent and skill on Chinese etc.

  We offer a variety of cultural experience courses and linguistic practical activities for helping the students to get the deeper idea of the Chinese culture and happily study in a culture environment that is relaxed, positive with diversities.

3. Schedule

  Spring semesterFebruary 27th 2017 to June 28th 2017

  Fall semester: September 2017 to January 2018

  The preparatory course of T.C.M. program (full time) provide the study visa.

4. Teaching location:  No. 1200 Cailun Road Pudong Campus of International Education College, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

5. Dormitory arrangement


Dormitory address


Room type

Area (square meter)

Bathroom accessory



No. 4, Building 3, Lane 280, Huatuo Road, Pudong New Area

See “the List of Accommodation Charges for the Apartments of the Overseas Students ” for details

Single or double

Approximately 12 m2

Independent bathroom

Self-undertake the bill of water and electricity


No. 22, Building 18, Lane 280, Huatuo Road, Pudong New Area

RMB 400 / month


Approximately 15 m2

The split bath (located at the two ends of each floor, 12 people use the bathroom, 12 people use the shower room at the same time)

Self-undertake the water electricity network and air conditioning rental fee

  Notes: Self-care the bill of water and electricity Self-prepare for the bedding like the quilt. Standard for the charge of accommodation, if there is any change, implement in accordance with the new standard.

6. Time of Application:

  Spring semester: Overseas registration : Before January 13, 2017; Domestic registration: Before February 23rd , 2017

  Fall semester: Overseas registration: Before July 31st , 2017; Domestic registration: Before March 1st , 2019

7. Application materials:

  Application Form for Oversea Students in China

  One copy of passport

  The payment document of the registration fee

  3 pieces of photos

  Dimensional requirements: Two inches (35mm×49mm)

  Background requirement: The background color is blue or white

  Miscellaneous requirements: Bareheaded photo

  Electronic Photo: The file name and the file format : Chinese name. jpg

  Background requirement: The background color is blue or white

  Miscellaneous requirements: Bareheaded photo

  Resolution ratio: Not lower than 300 pixels/inch

  Transmit address:

  At last one copy of the education certificate

  One copy of the certificate on level HSK3 shall be provided for the registration of the spring class

  After accepting the registration material and the qualification for the audit, send the Enrollment Notification and the Application Form for the Visa of Studying in China (table JW202) to the applicant.

8. Application method:

  Applicants log on to

  Users who use EMAIL to register

  Enter information

  Apply for the courses

  Upload the file (the pixel should not be lower than 300, and the format is one of the formats among jpg/png/pdf)

    Passport (file name format: Passport – Passport)

    Education certificate (file name format: Passport name – Certificate)

    Transcript (file name format: Passport name – Transcript)

    Bareheaded photo (with the background of white or blue) (file name format: Passport name – Photo)

    Personal resume (file name format: Passport name-CV)

9. Criteria of payment

  Registration fee RMB 450/person

  Tuition fee RMB 11,000/semester

  The students may select for the study of the courses in accordance with the actual situation, see the attachment of the Directory for the Full Time Courses in the Classification of Chinese at the Chinese Education Center in 2017 for the details of the tuition.

  The teaching materials shall be purchased in accordance with the need of the students.

10. Scholarships

  At least complete the study of language for one term and continue to specialize in the professional degree of our university or the students of the program for the preparatory courses of the Chinese medical science may apply for “the Scholarship of Gold Key” and “the Student Sponsorship Program of Silk Road”.

11. The completion of a course and the award of a certificate: Complete the study hour in the regulations, after the qualification for the examination, the certificate of completion can be gained.

12. Contact:

  Registration address: The admission office on the second floor of international education college at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  Address: Room 230, International cooperation and exchange center, No. 1200 of Cailun Road, Zhangjiang High Technology Park, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

  Post code: 201203

  Tel: (86 21)51322255   Fax: (86 21)51322285


Bank Account Information

  Account Name: Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  Bank Name: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Dong’an Road Branch

  Bank Address: № 520, Wan Pin Nan Road, Shanghai, China   200032

  Account №: 1001239109004636961



Shanghai University of T.C.M.

December 1, 2016


1.2017 Full Time Course Directory of International Students’ Chinese Program in Shanghai University of T.C.M.

2.The Student Sponsorship Program of Silk Road for the Overseas Students in China at the School of International Education of Shanghai University of T.C.M.